CIBL – From Pie-X to Saint-Laurent

April 29, 2008

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On April 28th, CIBL Radio-Montréal organized a 5 à 7 at the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) to announce a financial strategy for its project to move into the building adjacent to the SAT.

At the heart of the intersection of the Mains, CIBL plans to create a World House of Community Radio that will include a citizen’s space, a café and a radio studio on the ground floor. The station plans to put the citizen at the heart of its broadcast content, by stimulating direct exchanges with the community and the street. The project will cost approximately $2.7 million.

The choice of this location was not at all random: in coming to the neighbourhood, CIBL plans to act as a cultural mediator, and create a technological node with the SAT in the media arts sector.

During the evening, CIBL displayed the identifying visual scheme developed by Ruedi Baur for the Quartier des spectacles.