The most emotion in 1 km²

Located in downtown Montreal, the Quartier des spectacles is the city’s cultural heart. Within its boundaries, you will find the highest concentration and the greatest diversity of cultural venues in North America.

All year round, day or night, Montrealers and visitors head to the Quartier in droves, captivated and intrigued by its eight vibrant public spaces and no less than 40 festivals. During their visit, they discover artistic luminous displays that highlight the Quartier’s effervescence and mirror the vitality of this unique destination. Not a single day goes by without some cultural activity taking place at one of its venues.

Video of the Quartier

Images of the Quartier

The Quartier des spectacles covers an area of 1 km2, encompassing eight public spaces with activities throughout the year, some 40 performance halls and bar venues with a collective seating capacity of more than 28,000, approximately 40 exhibition spaces and several cinemas. A plethora of locations where both young and old come to discover the work of emerging and established artists.

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Luminous Pathway

The essence of the Quartier des spectacles’ visual identity, the Luminous Pathway showcases the area’s rich offering. More than 30 public spaces and cultural venues are illuminated.

The Luminous Pathway has three elements:

1. Shared lighting signature

Two rows of red dots light up the sidewalk in front of each location, creating a vibrant urban landscape while identifying the different cultural venues. A playful nod to the classic red carpet and the Quartier’s Red Light era, the novel lighting evokes the electric vibe of Sainte-Catherine Street, the Quartier’s axis of discovery.

2. Architectural lighting

Individualized architectural lighting highlights the façades of more than 20 buildings and sites, throwing their features into dramatic relief. The lighting captures the personality and unique character of each architectural canvas.

3. Architectural video projections

In the evening, all year long, six building façades serve as architectural “screens” on which artistic videos are projected, establishing Montreal as an international leader in digital arts.

The projection zones were defined with the architectural elements of the façades in mind. These elements are integrated into the videos themselves during their creation. The technology provided allows artists to focus entirely on the creation of content, which is regularly renewed throughout the year. Projections can be seen from Thursday to Sunday, from dusk onwards.