Quartier des spectacles partnership

1435, Saint-Alexandre St., Suite 500
Montreal, (Quebec) H3A 2G4
Telephone: 514 879-0009

To host an installation produced by the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, please contact Guillaume Aniorté.

Quartier des spectacles Partnership team

Executive Director: Éric Lefebvre | ext. 223
Assistant to the Executive Director: Sophie Lafrance | ext. 232

Administration and human ressources

Director of Human Resources and Administration: Suzanne Raynault | ext. 233
Finance Coordinator and Head of IT Services: Benoit Gagné | ext. 222
Human resources advisor: Lauriane Corbel | ext. 227
Administrative Technician: Thomas Rollin | ext. 234


Development advisor: Guillaume Aniorté | ext. 231
Assistant to the Director of Development: Alexandre Lemétais | ext. 287
Project Manager, Community: Jozef Fleury-Berthiaume | ext. 294

Programming and production

Interim Director of Programming and Production: Catherine Girard-Lantagne | ext. 264
Programming Manager: Frédéric Kervadec | ext. 258
Project Manager: Yolène Le Roux | poste 261
Programming Coordinator: Mokrane Ouzane | ext. 293
Project manager: Judith Saint-Pierre
Programming and production coordinaton: Catherine Labelle |
Programming and production assistant: Marine Viette |

Operations and technologies

Interim Director of Operations and Technology: Marc Randoll | ext. 229
Administrative Assistant, Operations and Technology: Maria Elena Ramirez | ext. 225
Chief Operations Coordinator: Jonathan Guimond | ext. 297
Technician integrator in technological equipments : Gaëtan Heeren| ext. 253
Site Manager: Matthieu Girroy
Logistics Coordinator: Julien Lavoie | ext. 256
Logistics Coordinator: François Potvin | ext. 257
Logistics Coordinator: Ariane Filion | ext. 230
Facilities manager: Annie Létourneau | poste 297
Technical Project Manager: Ouam de Lavaltrie | ext. 300
Technologic Project Manager: Mélina Manolias | ext. 296
Coordinator of technological equipment: Frédéric Labelle | ext. 294
Storekeeper: Christian Belisle


Senior Advisor Public Relations, Media and Patners: Marie Lamoureux | ext. 260
Senior Advisor Marketing and Communications: Iannick Pepin | ext. 224
Communications and marketing Project Manager: Mélanie Larente | ext. 295
Manager, Interactive Communications: Élise Labelle | ext. 286
Public Relations, Medias and Patners Manager: Chloé Goldstein | ext. 266


Executive producer Relance Centre-Ville: Pierre Poulin | 514-774-3019
Programming Director Relance Centre-Ville: Catherine Girard-Lantagne | 514-452-3806
Project manager production Relance Centre-Ville: Êve-Marie Caron | 514-994-0539
Head of living arts and cultural organizations programming Relance Centre-Ville: Marie-Hélène Marchand | 514-562-5622
Urban design project manager Relance Centre-Ville: Marc-André Carignan | 514-588-5505
Operations director: Éric Lafond | 514-679-0211
Artist showcases project manager Relance Centre-Ville: Chantale Jean | 514-883-8447
Residents/merchants/accessibility project manager Relance Centre-Ville : Julien Meloche | 514-779-767
CCMU public health project manager Relance Centre-Ville: Stéphanie Champagne | 514-965-1494
Communications and public relations director Relance Centre-Ville : Gabrielle Pauzé | 514-730-9892
Media relations and partnerships project manager Relance Centre-Ville: Nicolas Chabot | 514-445-6218 Marketing project manager Relance Centre-Ville: Marjolaine Groulx | 438-886-4837