Five simple ways to be an environmentally responsible festivalgoer

August 4, 2022

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When it comes to the environment, every action counts; and as citizens, we have real power to bring about change. At least, that’s what we’re always told – but it isn’t always obvious how to be environmentally responsible in practice. Here are five easy and practical steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact while enjoying the many outdoor events that energize the streets of the city and the Quartier des Spectacles.

Use online instead of printed programs

Printed programs are still appealing, but there’s no denying they can be inconvenient and have a short useful life. Instead, use your favourite summer event’s online program. Colourful, lively websites are just as attractive as glossy paper, give you quick and efficient access to information, and often include audio and video clips promoting the event’s shows. Some festivals even provide tools for creating your own custom program to make sure you don’t miss anything. And why not follow your favourite events’ social media feeds? Better yet, follow the Quartier des Spectacles for details of EVERY festival happening downtown!

Use public or active transportation

Choose public transportation or ride a bike to go see your favourite artists! The Quartier des Spectacles is served by three main metro stations – Berri-UQAM, Saint-Laurent and Place-des-Arts – as well as several just outside its borders, including McGill and Place-d'Armes. There are also ten bus routes serving the Quartier. Not only is it more environment-friendly, public transportation is economical: from June 24 to September 5 this year, metro access is free on weekends at Saint-Laurent, Place-des-Arts and Berri-UQAM stations.

Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or a weekend rider, the Quartier des Spectacles has 20 BIXI stations and numerous bike lanes to help you get around easily and pleasantly. There’s also a new bicycle parking area outside Saint-Laurent metro station.

If you have to drive, consider reducing your environmental footprint by combining modes of transportation, for example by driving only as far as the nearest metro station. If you can, car pool with your friends and neighbours, or use self-serve car-sharing options such as Communauto FLEX.

Bring your water bottle and refill it on-site!

It can’t be said enough: when you’re active outside in the summer, you’ve got to drink plenty of water. The most environment-friendly and practical option for staying hydrated is to carry your own reusable bottle. In the Quartier des Spectacles, you’ll find several water fountains, including in Place des Festivals, Esplanade Tranquille and Les Jardins Gamelin. Quench your thirst while reducing waste!

Get an ecocup

Water is great, but sometimes you want to give your thirst something a little more fun. In that case, choose a refillable plastic cup, readily available during events in the Oases of the Moments du cœur de l’île, including the ones in Les Jardins Gamelin and Chinatown. Ecocups are practical and sturdy, making them an essential part of enjoying a summer drink while reducing your environmental footprint. Don’t forget to get your deposit back!

Use the recycling and composting bins

When you visit the Quartier des Spectacles, take a moment to put your trash in the right place. It takes just a few extra seconds to find the right bin. Wherever you go, you’ll find clearly marked containers for separating your recyclable, compostable and waste items.