All-Nighter in the Quartier des spectacles

February 1, 2008

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The new lighting installations of the Quartier des spectacles are transforming for the fifth Montreal All-Nighter on Saturday march 1st 2008.

First stop: the facade of the NFB CineRobotheque will turn into a giant screen showing a live mix of film clips by VJs Les Passagers (J.S. Baillat) and Les Crazy Tapis.

Second stop: the dynamic marquee of La Vitrine will become an interactive playground thanks to Moment Factory, a studio that creates multimedia environments.

Montreal All-Nighter is part of the MONTREAL HIGH LIGHTS festival.

Brought to you by: the Quartier des spectacles Partnership, Moment Factory, Teksho, Schréder, the NFB CineRobotheque and La Vitrine.