Sphères polaires: At the heart of winter

December 16, 2010

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Three families of giant spheres, three different experiences of the same subject: winter.

Sphères polaires is an installation that generates sound and images in response to your movements. When its motion detectors register activity, the spheres rouse from their slumber to project amazing images.

The urban winter family of spheres has made its home at the north end of the Place des Festivals. A theater of striking shadows highlights winter in the city.

The winter light family, with its mobiles of bulbous, varied forms, can be glimpsed to the south. At the center of the family, an enormous red lever lets you control the spheres, as the lights and sounds coming from each one change in response to the speed of your movements.

The winter games take place at the Place des Arts esplanade. The most ancient forms of light nestle among the most modern; a paper lantern and a snow globe are enthroned atop a series of spheres, themselves inhabited by remarkable little virtual people displayed on LED screens.


So come and leave your mark on the black and snowy Montreal sky by interacting with the 25 Sphères polaires, from December 15 to February 27 at the Place des Festivals and the Place des Arts esplanade.

Created by Bernard Duguay and Pierre Gangnon of Lucion Média