Development of a participatory installation for public spaces, supported by canadian cities member of the UNESCO creative cities network


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The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, ExpoCité and Yonge-Dundas Square, supported by the City of Montreal, City of Toronto, City of Quebec City and City of London, Ontario, are pleased to announce the winner and finalists of the call for proposals for a participatory installation for public spaces, inspired by the disciplines of these UNESCO Creative Cities: literature (Quebec), design (Montreal), media arts (Toronto) and music (London).

The jury, made up of partners and experts in industrial design, public art and literature, named Montreal studio Kleis as the winner for their Conversations Célestes proposal. The designers clearly demonstrated their understanding of the brief, and proposed a project that was perfectly suited to the reality of public spaces.

The finalists offered unique and convincing proposals. First, a consortium from Quebec City and Montreal, H2Emotion and Lemay offered Field of Love, and O2 Design, a team from Toronto, submitted the Magical Mushrooms installation.

For the next phase of the project, Quartier des spectacles international will act as executive producer and distributor of the Conversations Célestes installation.

Conversations Célestes BY KLEIS

Conversations Célestes


Conversations Célestes is an art installation inspired by the mythical constellation of the Pleiades, symbolizing the universality of art across time and space. This immersive experience invites visitors to interact and explore art and history in all its forms, transcending linguistic, cultural and social boundaries.

The installation seamlessly integrates literature, music, design and media art. Each element is carefully designed to evoke the magic of the Pleiades, with a special collaboration between Kleis and writer and poet Carolanne Foucher to bring a unique literary dimension. It's a memorable composition of identity that transports visitors on an artistic odyssey where past, present and mythology merge with innovation.