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Ensemble Ensemble - Points de rencontre

Ensemble Ensemble -  Points de rencontre


Points de rencontre

A playful multi-user experience, Points de rencontre invites everyone to have fun with their weird virtual clone, projected on the building during an unusual free-form dance session.

Participants will be invited to gesticulate, move through space and use odd postures to complete short missions. Once they share a common goal, users tend to drop their inhibitions and get closer to their peers, resulting in astonishing encounters and fleeting relationships that unfold in public.

Ensemble Ensemble

A multidisciplinary collective that creates interactive experiences for public spaces. The collective experiments with the latest spatial analysis technology, using it in unintended ways to make fun, innovative, popular installations.

François Pallaud is a developer and technical designer of interactive experiences. He co-founded Pliab, a company that writes and produces online cultural content projects.

Franck Desvernes is a designer of interactive experiences combining creativity, technological innovation and documentary content; he develops projects with a playful side. His expertise has been recognized by several Numix, Gémeaux and Boomerang awards.

Jonathan Bélisle is a multi-award-winning interactive producer and UX designer, a professor of experience architecture at the INIS and an affiliated researcher at Annenberg University of Southern California. He is interested in networked experiences, including home automation, immersive experiences, the Internet of things, networked media and mobile apps.

Marianne Prairie is a writer, producer, director and designer who expresses her social commitment in every piece of content she creates. She is a versatile and prolific creator who explores every facet of the media world. Among others, she has worked for ARTV and the NFB.