The Quartier des spectacles on display at the Intersection of the Mains

November 7, 2008

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Starting today, a 2,800-square-foot banner, displaying the diverse cultural options of the Quartier des spectacles, hangs on the exterior wall of Club Soda facing the Intersection of the Mains.

For more than a century, the neighbourhood has been a major Montreal cultural destination. Since 2003, the neighbourhood has a strong brand image, which contributes to its consolidation as a local and international cultural destination. Since its own birth, the Quartier des spectacles has invested in efforts to reinforce, reveal and enhance all the activities that enliven its square kilometer of the city: music, exhibits, theater, dance, festivals, visual and technological arts, cinema, etc. And even other, more innovative art forms that don't yet have names!

The banner will hang until the start of construction on the 2-22 building, and will highlight the transformation of the site by the Société de développement Angus. Recall that at the beginning of the project, the Quartier des spectacles Partnership requested the expropriation of the site to facilitate the construction of a building that would send a strong signal, as imagined in the neighbourhood development vision released in 2003.