Xavier de Richemont enlights the UQAM spire

March 7, 2011

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Xavier de Richemont, the French light-art guru, will take over the UQAM spire at Pavillon Judith-Jasmin with a work entitled Feu l'Indien from March 9 to 19.


Artistic credit | Xavier de Richemont
Past and present mingle in this luminous work, as much of an homage to the city's original founders and Native peoples as it is to the modernity of the metropolis. Feu l'Indien will repeat from dusk to midniht from Sunday to Thursday, and until 2 AM on Friday and Saturday.

Multidisciplinary artist Xavier de Richemont principally creates installations, made up of light and video. His work is exhibited around the world and at many festivals, including the Festival de la lumière in Chartres, France. In recent years, Xavier de Richemont has exhibited a large number of video works, using all kinds of surfaces and building facades, mainly outdoors.