Paquets de lumière

August 30 to October 15, 2017

Paquets de lumière_KM3_Gilles Mihalcean ©Cindy Boyce

A work by Gilles Mihalcean

Paquets de lumière – a triptych of dancing figures, a celebration of performance – is embedded in the cultural fabric and festive energy of the Quartier des Spectacles. Each element is a different arrangement and assembly of the same six objects. As the objects change position, movements and associations emerge, opening up infinite possible interpretations. Throughout, the work is highlighted with splashes of colour. Into this radiant symphony the artist has integrated small, surprising objects linked to musicality.

Created and built by: Gilles Mihalcean
Production: Atelier Michel Bernier, Attitudes enr., Atelier du bronze, Groupe DPS, Formaviva, Latéral s.e.n.c

Presented on the Parterre from August 30 to October 15, 2017, as part of KM3.

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