GRAVITATION by Féline B, Samuel Tremblay and Nicholas Dubé-Pauzé

14th edition, 2023-2024

Gravitation on the façade of the Pavillon Président-Kennedy, UQAM © Martine Doyon


A video projection that echoes the elements

This futuristic digital work of art gives puts the imaginations of passers-by front and centre. Taking the form of a video projection in three scenes, it offers a changing perspective on the universe. The colourful shapes are influenced by Quartier des Spectacles weather data from the last 24 hours and fluctuate between order and disorder in a floating, reassuring environment. The slightest change in wind, temperature or time of day can have a major impact on this microcosm, depicted in a science-fiction–like setting.

How does it work?

Gravitation is a generative work of art shaped by data from weather stations on Esplanade Tranquille and at Place des Festivals. Based on computer algorithms, the content unfolds automatically and often in random fashion. For this video projection, weather data is the raw material used to create unique works that evolve in real time.

Artist Féline B has created a series of compositions that provide the foundation for this digital work. Algorithms developed by Rodeo FX harness data on weather fluctuations over the last 24 hours and determine the creation’s ever-changing incarnation.


The universe as a well-ordered system

“I see a well-ordered space as having simple shapes made from curved and straight lines. All of these shapes converge unidirectionally to form a floating, reassuring environment. Platforms reminiscent of sci-fi movie sets are overlaid in it. When the space is seen in its disordered state, the various elements seem small and blurry. Our gaze loses its reference points. And that’s when we become fully aware of the tininess of our presence in the universe.”

Féline B, artistic director and creator


Artistic direction and creation: Féline B

Multimedia designers: Samuel Tremblay et Nicolas Dubé-Pauzé (Rodeo FX)

Producers: Marie-Pière Poulin et Sébastien Hell (Rodeo FX)

A production of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership



How do you give people works of art that are pleasant, harmonious and balanced? That is the mission of Féline B (Céline Bellehumeur), whose creative research and art offer viewers a calming and comforting aesthetic. Céline has extensive artistic experience. She studied visual arts at Cégep Marie-Victorin and completed her bachelor’s degree in visual and media arts at UQAM in 2017.


For more than 16 years, Rodeo FX Advertising & Experiences has been creating permanent and temporary installations, advertisements and content. The division’s most recent campaigns include a multiplatform strategy for the release of the video game The Callisto Protocol, an ad spot for milk made entirely with deepfake technology, and collaborations with Holt Renfrew, NBC and Tiffany & Co. The firm’s talented, passionate team is known for exacting attention to detail, unparalleled determination and an undeniable love for creative work.


Download the images and videos

Please include full photo credits: Luminothérapie, Gravitation by Féline B and Rodeo FX, a production of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership.


The Luminothérapie event presents an original, interactive and captivating winter experience in Montreal’s cultural district, the Quartier des Spectacles, with large light-and-sound installations designed specifically for public space. In 2020 and 2021, special editions were held in the Quartier with a series of works and a moment of sound and light to extend the experience. Luminothérapie is aimed at stimulating creativity in urban installations and digital art. Several cultural districts around the world have shown interest in the Quartier’s interactive art installations for public spaces, made by Montreal artists and creators. Since 2016, 14 works created for the Quartier des Spectacles have been exhibited on 165 occasions in 70 cities in 12 countries. The installations are distributed by Quartier des Spectacles International.

To learn more about the competition and the works presented in past years, see the Luminothérapie press kit. 


The Quartier des Spectacles is Montreal’s cultural heart, boasting North America’s greatest concentration and variety of cultural venues. The district is the year-round host to countless festivals and events, many of which include free outdoor shows and activities. The Quartier hosts innovative urban installations featuring cutting-edge lighting design, immersive environments and interactive digital spaces. Year round, the Quartier presents artistic video projections on building façades. The Quartier des Spectacles is also a showcase for new multimedia technology, making Montreal a global leader in the urban exhibition of digital content.

The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, founded in 2003, is a non-profit organization with more than 80 members active in the district. It is responsible for animating the Quartier des Spectacles by programming cultural activities, managing and animating public spaces, providing distinctive illumination and promoting the Quartier as a must-visit cultural destination. The Partnership is supported by the Ville de Montréal.


14th annual Luminothérapie: a new itinerary of five luminous works under the theme of the cosmos

14th annual Luminothérapie: six new works to light up the Quartier des Spectacles this winter


Gravitation: the generative work now illuminating the Quartier des spectacles


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