Nadine Marchand | Director of MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CIRQUE


20 ans d’audace et de culture © Martine Doyon

Passionate about art and culture, Nadine Marchand has played a major role in making Montréal the capital of circus arts. In 2009, she joined the TOHU team to launch North America’s first international circus arts festival. An eloquent ambassador flanked by a seasoned team, she quickly made MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CIRQUE a pivotal festival and the must-see summer event in this artform. Driven by her boundless creativity, she saw to the outdoor programming at several venues in the Quartier des spectacles, presenting an original creation at Place Émilie-Gamelin every summer.

Nadine Marchand boldly mobilized circus companies and raised critical funds to create projects like Les Minutes Complètement Cirque on the facades of buildings on Saint-Denis Street. Her ability to promote collaboration among institutions and bring the right people to the table is invaluable.

When the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership was founded, she made it a point to get involved on the Board of Directors and several committees. Having worked for the Just for Laughs Group, the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde and La La La Human Steps, she has made a remarkable journey in the world of culture.

In 2022, she stepped down as director of MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CIRQUE. Passionate and brimming with ideas, Nadine Marchand is a realist at heart who will continue to dazzle audiences at the helm of the production Les trois géants, a festival highlight.