Clément Demers | Architect


20 ans d’audace et de culture © Martine Doyon

Urban planner and architect Clément Demers successfully led the development of the Quartier des spectacles and the Place des Festivals in 2003. As General Manager of Quartier international Montréal (QIM) when the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership (PQDS) was created, he was entrusted by the City of Montréal with the production of the special urban planning program that gave birth to the Quartier des spectacles and its public squares as we know them today. His contribution to the legal and financial aspects of the project was invaluable. The architects of Daoust Lestage worked alongside him on this project, which is critically important to the city.

In addition to his activities as an urban development project manager, Clément Demers is involved in several boards of directors and taught at the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Environmental Design. While he argues that proper planning is essential to the quality of any architectural design, Clément Demers also places a great deal of importance on upstream decisions, project set-up, and stakeholder management. For him, environmental design professionals can only produce quality work if they are adequately supported by the managers who represent the clients.

Throughout his career, Clément Demers has also worked on a number of landmark projects designed to showcase the Old Montreal district.