Renée Daoust and Réal Lestage (Daoust Lestage) | Architects of the Quartier des spectacles


20 ans d’audace et de culture

Daoust Lestage is first and foremost the result of the dynamic alliance between two visionary architects, Réal Lestage and Renée Daoust, who share the same passion for creating inspiring, sustainable spaces. With 35 years of collaborative experience, the duo is shaping an integrated multidisciplinary field and revolutionizing urban planning and architecture as well as landscape, interior, industrial and graphic design. Among their major achievements is the creation of the Place des Festivals, a true metamorphosis of the Quartier des spectacles, which is the result of close collaboration between various government and cultural players. As soon as it became involved in the project back in 2007, the agency, swimming against the current of directions already proposed, designed the Place des Festival’s theatrical stage, building in Canada’s largest interactive fountain, four lighting structures and two inhabited glass-encased structures. Their leadership continued throughout the construction phases (2008-2012), laying the foundation for a major cultural space. Their vision has brought new life to a space deserted outside of festival season, now teeming with national and international events, reflecting the cultural effervescence of Québec and Montréal.

As a committed player in the city’s transformation, Daoust Lestage revitalizes neglected spaces, thus creating a brand-new identity for the people who use them. The agency’s bold creations are acclaimed both at home and abroad, and reflect an innovative and coherent design approach. Daoust Lestage’s multidisciplinary approach leads to the creation of harmonious, user-friendly urban spaces. The advanced urban skills and understanding of municipal issues of both architects have transformed the city of Montréal. By designing public places at the heart of the city, Renée Daoust and Réal Lestage have created a space that is at once lively, theatrical and urban.

Today, Daoust Lestage’s legacy lives on in the city, thanks to iconic achievements such as the Quartier des spectacles, which reflect a visionary collaborative practice and a relentless quest for urban excellence. Since 2020, two new heads have joined the agency, which is now called Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker.