ATSA | Pierre Allard and Annie Roy


20 ans d’audace et de culture

When art takes action, it warms, it enlightens, it nourishes the mind and, sometimes, even the belly. From La banque à bas to Cuisine ta ville, from État d’urgence to Pas d’radis fiscaux, ATSA awakens consciences by using art as a driver of change. Annie Roy and the late Pierre Allard (1964-2018) —partners in both life and art—are the founders of this non-profit organization deeply rooted in the Quartier des spectacles, where many of its installations and events take place.

ATSA embodies the bold fusion of art and activism. Hard-hitting and provocative, its works are also thought-provoking. Founded in 1997, ATSA has built a remarkable track record of more than thirty projects and achievements over the years. In the absence of Pierre Allard, whose sudden death came as a shock in 2018, Annie Roy has carried on with the artistic work. The following year, Cuisine ta ville held its second edition at the Place des Festivals under the banner of resilience. ATSA continues to defy convention.

ATSA’s strength lies in its ability to attract thousands of visitors, drawn by the captivating artistic experience as much as by the urgent and crucial causes it embraces.

ATSA has received numerous awards over the years. In 2021, the Governor General of Canada presented Annie Roy and, posthumously, Pierre Allard, with the Civil Division Meritorious Service Medal for the founding of ATSA.