Leave the cold and dreary weather behind!

Step into the colorful world of illustrator Cyrielle Tremblay, who serves up a humorous and sympathetic look at winter. Follow a circuit of lively graphics-architectural projections reminiscent of the collage techniques of old, and discover the joys of winter in the city. Hockey, snow forts, snow plows, colds and hibernating groundhogs await your visit!

Cyrielle’s illustrations will leave you with a smile and provide a little comfort on cold, bleak days.

Bring your inner child and come play!

From November 17 to March 31

Everynight from sunset to midnight.*

Except during certain events.


Concept, creation and illustration: Cyrielle Tremblay

Animation: Étienne Buteau and Simon Giguère

Creation and production assistant: Mathieu Labrecque

Cyrielle Tremblay Biography

Cyrielle Tremblay (Quebec, 1986) works in, with and out of public spaces. It is there that she builds dreamlike worlds where memory and poetry, humour and absurdity dominate in turn. Somewhere between murals and traditional painting, her explorations of ideas and tangible materials have led her to work with illustration, photography and self-publishing. She has taken part in several festivals and international events and exhibited her work in Mexico, Colombia and Canada.

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