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Montreal, September 14, 2016 – The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership has completed the evaluation process for a competition to create a public artwork to be suspended over Place Émilie-Gamelin. The concept was to showcase and illuminate the space with a monumental hanging work. The work would serve as a landmark in the eastern end of the Quartier des Spectacles and a signature piece for Montreal.


The work would create a three-dimensional focal point for the space and encourage visitors to contemplate it from different vantage points. Viewers would notice how the work plays on distances and volumes, accentuated at night by lighting effects that spark their imagination. The lighting would showcase the work and be an integral part of it.

The jury for this competition has nine members, including leading figures in several artistic disciplines, all with expertise in public art. At a jury meeting, Louise Dérie, director of the UQAM gallery, was appointed chair.

  • Jean-François Bélisle, executive director and head curator, Musée d'art de Joliette
  • Anaïs Castro, independent curator and executive assistant, Galerie Art Mûr
  • Mikaël Charpin, project manager, L’Observatoire international, New York
  • Pascale Daigle, director of programming, Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
  • Pierre Fortin, executive director, Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
  • Pierre Lapointe, director of operations and production, Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
  • Gabriel Pontbriand, director, Environment team, Moment Factory
  • Stéphane Ricci, urban planner, assistant to the director and coordinator of the Quartier des Spectacles, Ville de Montréal


The competition had two selection phases: the first step entailed a review of applications and selection of finalists; the second was a remunerated presentation to the jury by the finalists. All proposals were evaluated according to criteria detailed in the competition rules.

Twenty applications were submitted and four finalist teams selected to give a presentation.

  • Là où il y a de la gêne, il y a du plaisir : Beaupré Michaud et associés, Architectes
  • Émilie dans les nuages : Kanva, Boris Demprey, Pierre Fournier, Alexandre Tougas, NCK et Sollertia
  • La maison jaune : Iregular, Martine Frossard, Armando Gomez, Marilyne Lacombe, Générique Design, Concept Paradesign et Barry Cordage
  • Midi à sa porte, Gyre à minuit : Jim Holyoak, Architecturama et Paul Van Der Werf en collaboration avec Tantech et Bruno Rafie

Following the presentations by the four teams, the jury’s unanimous recommendation to the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership was to decline to name a winner, since none of the proposals met all criteria satisfactorily.

View the jury’s report and the competition rules:


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