Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme - Place des Arts

Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme - Place des Arts

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The Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme (formerly known as the Hall des Pas perdus) is a large indoor space open to the public. Located on the metro level, this indoor hub is the connection point for all six performance halls in the Place des Arts complex. The space includes a public square, an exhibition room, and a mosaic made up of digital screens along the corridor running between Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier and Sainte-Catherine Street. Some hundred free cultural activities are presented here each year, including dance and music shows, installations, talks, exhibitions and press conferences. The space is named in honour of Québec’s first minister of cultural affairs (ministère des Affaires culturelles, 1961-1964), who initiated the creation of Place des Arts. You can admire two major art works on display here: "Comme si le la rue" by Pierre Granche and "L’artiste est celui qui fait voir l’autre côté des choses" (An Artist Is One Who Shows the Other Side of Things) by Claude Bettinger.