Parc Hydro-Québec

Parc Hydro-Québec

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Parc Hydro-Québec is a publicly accessible urban oasis intended as an outlet for the thousands of people who work in neighbouring office towers, it is also designed to be a destination for passive uses, while providing a diffuse space to accommodate activities emanating from the Centre for Sustainable Development as well as small events related to the festival season from June through to September. Parc Hydro-Québec is a rare example where the entire extent of an urban park is engaged to maximize ecological function. Parc Hydro-Québec, built in conjunction with the neighbouring Centre for Sustainable Development, is the first project in the Canadian Province of Québec to receive LEED NC Platinum status. While offering passersby a fresh break, the originality of the concept encourages reflection about issues relating to sustainable development. The combination of the industrial language within a refined and poetic milieu of dappled tree canopy and herbaceous understory shapes an experience that is unique within such an intensely urban context.