Zoofest & OFF-JFL - new dates

Zoofest & OFF-JFL - new dates

Information on the activity

September 29, 2020 to October 11, 2020

Under the circumstances, the Zoofest & OFF-JFL Festival team has decided to postpone the 12th edition to OCTOBER 2020. Complete programming details will be announced by the beginning of summer at the latest, assuming the situation allows it.

Zoofest is a new festival spotlighting emerging talents with alternative programming including comedy, theatre, music and other genres. Its purpose is to create a wild adventure and unique experiences.

Zoofest is a multi-genre and international event. Focusing on eclectic programming, Zoofest is the off the wall parallel to Just For Laughs. Our scouting team examines with a fine-tooth comb artistic productions from all around the world, but we only keep the craziest, not to say the most disturbing. They will be then seen by some of the most influent people in the industry.

Beyond the diversity and the creativity of the Montreal scene, this city welcomes a curious audience, who is particularly adventurous, open to all forms of art and bi-lingual. Consequently, we move heaven and earth so that the public, who became more curious (good for them) but also more demanding (good for us), can enjoy a crazy good programming.

Being part of Zoofest also means to be open-minded. We do not limit the programming to any artistic genre, and we are keen on bringing international talents over. Quebecker and Canadian artists are well represented, but we also welcome artists from the United States, Spain, UK and France.

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