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July 3, 2024 | 22 H 30

Le Gesù Book

For Jowee, a kid from Montréal, son of a Haitian pastor, who sang Jesus in all the tones, and then Michael Jackson, and then 2Pac, who learned jazz from the one who deconstructed it (Ornette Coleman, another master of the wind, in his loft in Manhattan), the ceremony necessarily has the taste of free. There are Freedom Suites, by Sonny Rollins, by Max Roach, others; prayer music, music capable of breaking the chains in the head before starting them on the wrists, music of black power and white magic. Music that does not distinguish between battle and consolation. For this long improvisation, divided into 21 stations which are so many rituals, Jowee Omicil raised a small army of Creoles by heritage and Creoles by vocation. Keyboards by Randy Kerber and Jonathan Jurion; the percussions of Arnaud Dolmen and Yoann Danier & Jendah Manga's bass. They are not afraid of anything together, neither of depths nor of beauty, they hunt down mythological animals, exhume sunken continents, they demand from sound what the eyes cannot see. From this mystical enterprise, all the secrets remain intact. It remains an incredible experience of freedom.