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May 15, 2024 to May 18, 2024

As part of Tangente

Édifice WILDER | Espace Danse Book

L’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal presents "Les danses à deux temps," featuring its first- and second-year dancers, under the direction of Lisa Davies.

- Rhapsodie by Sylvain Émard
Propelled by indomitable energy, dancers are surrounded by fascinated spectators, witnesses to the intrinsic force of the group, of a mass movement taking shape. Bodies freely respond to hypnotic, essential music, revelling, almost despite themselves, in spontaneous movement, guided by a subversive impulse. A manifestation, a convocation or a ritual, this communion of spirits strikes a powerful chord as it captivates. Fascinated by discos and dance halls, and convinced that dance responds to a fundamental, irrational human need, with this work, Sylvain Émard presents a snapshot of a society in constant upheaval. A tribute to the liberating power of dance, "Rhapsodie" celebrates the visceral and instinctive side of our nature. While the dancers respond to the rhythm of the music with fervent, swirling movement, what emanates from these transfixed beings is the essence of humanity undergoing profound change.

- Ellipses25 by Stefania Skoryna
A piece that mesmerizes with its hypnotic circular movement, "Ellipses25" delights in revealing the layers and multiplicities of an intoxicating music. The performers wander within and between the sound of the strings, mastering a virtuosic musicality. Their interplay of oscillation and unison creates an impression of control with seemingly elusive logic. The choreography seeks to reveal swaying moments when bodies ultimately achieve freedom. Passionate gestures and audacious impudence capture the audience’s attention. The narrative tension is sharpened by the back-and-forth between restraint and revelation, leaving the spectator craving to see the bodies liberated.

- New creation by Jera Wolfe