Information on the activity

May 23, 2024 to May 25, 2024

A striking, diverse group of people takes over the Place des Festivals. Motionless at first, the seventy-five individuals of all ages and backgrounds come to life and start running. Anger brews. Music throbs. Then suddenly, the vibrant swarm of humanity is brought to a halt. They burst into infectious laughter, then resume their merry-go-round, a succession of powerful images and emotions in a captivating dance of relationships, each person acting with total freedom and in full awareness of the others. Night after night, the group relies on the expression of individuality to re-stage, as one body, a work that reflects the world, combining chaos and the euphoria of togetherness.

Uruguay’s Tamara Cubas draws on choreographic composition as well as collective organization in "Multitud," which has thrilled audiences in 17 cities since 2013. Inherently political, it reveals our capacity to influence, and be influenced by, others, and shows how agency, difference, and dissent are fundamental elements of any shared undertaking.