Information on the activity

October 1, 2024 to November 5, 2024

Cinquième salle - Place des Arts Book

Following his first one-man show, acclaimed by critics, the public and his peers, Simon will present, at Place des arts, the very premiere of his second show: TACHE.
Through his unique outlook on life and the world, with his punchy humor filled with powerful images, Simon Delisle will reveal himself without filter, approaching the broad notion of “stain” in various ways... firstly, at first level: its atypical appearance, its particular trajectory and, literally, its spots (vitiligo). In short, everything he had to develop as an aptitude to not be the one we laugh at, but the one who makes people laugh! He will talk about self-deprecation and resilience, strengths which, as noble as they are, sometimes come with their share of darkness... On a more figurative level, we will learn more about these people, these "stains", who have slowed down his journey by their lack of openness, by simplistic shortcuts... Finally, there are the marks, the "stains", that life leaves on everyone, addressing the themes of doubt, questioning and trials.
“Life is not a gift. It’s a ftality … All the more reason to laugh in his face with this new show!” — Simon Delisle