Information on the activity

March 14, 2024 to March 16, 2024

Théâtre Maisonneuve - Place des Arts Book

With its visceral, passionate gestural language, Cantata evokes rugged Mediterranean beauty and embraces the colours of the South. Instinctive and vital, the dance explores the multiple facets of relationships between men and women, from seduction and passion to quarrels and jealousy. The voices and music of the four on-stage singers draw the ten pairs of dancers into the festive working-class atmosphere of Southern Italy, to the sounds of the tambourine and castanets.

This mixed program also features works by up-and-coming choreographers. Company dancer Étienne Delorme presents a dynamic contemporary ballet with tension and sensitivity. Bridget Breiner will address the challenges of the creative process, between devotion and inspiration with In Honour Of, a dazzling dance. Jérémy Galdeano and V?ra Kvar?áková explore themes of impermanence and reverie in their piece Nebe (“sky” or “heaven” in Czech).