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- Lay Me by the Shore: David Findlay - 2022 - Short Film - 19 minutes - Canada
A week in the life of Noah, a high school senior in his final days at school, as he struggles to come to terms with his best friend’s passing. Empathetic and visually compelling.

- Danny Greenwood T laid: Guillaume Laurin - 2022 - Short Film - 20 minutes - Canada
Danny Greenwood wants to get out of school and start living life. He does not care about the havoc he leaves in his wake. Ten years later, Pierre-Luc, one of his victims at the time, reappears in his life.

- Late Summer: Ryan Steel - 2022 - Short Film - 11 minutes - Canada
A surreal summer camp tale, LATE SUMMER captures the ambivalent feelings, first loves and broken hearts of preadolescence. A playful, colourful walk down memory lane.

- Simo: Aziz Zoromba - 2022 - Short Film - 22 minutes - Canada
Simo and Emad are two competitive and jealous brothers. Ready to do anything to outdo his older brother, and impress the crowd, the shy Simo starts lying online, at the risk of getting his brother in trouble.

- Notes sur la mémoire et l'oubli (About Memory and Loss): Amélie Hardy - 2022 - Short Film - 8 minutes - Canada
Capture, document, record, share, and start again. The impulse to preserve ourselves has never been stronger and it is by archiving every inch of our quotidian that it will be achieved. Or, at least, that is what Amélie Hardy suggests as she interrogates this impulse and asks whether we lost track of something along the way.

- Carte blanche | Visites nocturnes silencieuses (Carte blanche 2022): Ariane Louis-Seize - 2022 - Short Film - 4 minutes - Canada
This exclusive carte blanche by Ariane Louis-Seize will be presented as the first part of our opening film FALCON LAKE by Charlotte Le Bon as well as the first part of the features and short films of the national competition. In this dreamlike tribute to her grandmother, Ariane raises the possibility that the seal between life and death is more porous than we think.

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