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- Against Reality: Olivia Peace - Short Film - 5 minutes - United States
Through the use of AI, a new world emerges. Dream and reality come together in a surreal autobiographical tale.

- A Body is a Body is a Body: Éiméar McClayCat McClay - 2021 - Short Film - 13 minutes - United Kingdom
Catholicism, witchcraft, and queer desire collide in 3D animated tableaus. In this liminal space, language unfolds; suspended between desire and tradition, tenderness and violence.

- Lake of Fire: Art Collective NEOZOON - 2022 - Short Film - 11 minutes - Germany
The fear of death can only be conquered if people believe in a powerful savior - otherwise eternal damnation in hell is waiting. The documentary film collage Lake of Fire shows that the dualistic view and way of life of those believers additionally fuel climate change-related "hell on earth" in a dangerous way.

- Bye-Bye Now: Louise Bourque - 2022 - Short Film - 8 minutes - Canada
An homage to the man behind the camera, the artist’s father, who left her this heritage beyond mortality in the traces of past lives.

- Under the Microscope: Michaela GrillSophie Trudeau - 2021 - Short Film - 7 minutes - Canada / Austria
Among the arguments made in favor of cinema as a source of scientific knowledge, the most obvious one right from the start was that film not only records movement, but in many cases makes it perceptible in the first place...

- Songs for Living: Alex GvojicKorakrit Arunanondchai - 2021 - Short Film - 21 minutes - United States / Thailand
This pulsating celebration of togetherness is a much-needed emotional antidote to these years of pandemic isolation. Thunderous drumming, screeching feedback, and a mystical narration by musician Zsela brings warmth to distant human bodies from Thailand to New York, in rituals that rejoice in collective existence.

- Dans les cieux et sur la terre: Erin Weisgerber - 2022 - Short Film - 12 minutes - Canada
Vertiginous masses of carved limestone give way to an ecstasy of light and living colour through an alchemical spell of transformation.

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