Our Common Home

OUR COMMON HOME is a series of interactive experiences on four building façades in the Quartier des Spectacles. The work, presented in conjunction with the Festival du nouveau cinéma, invites the public to reflect on climate change through a four-chapter experience exploring the human activities that contribute to climate change and how our individual decisions have a global impact:

  • Chapiter 1 - Creatures, on the side of the Wilder Building, is a metaphor for human influence on the animal kingdom.

  • Chapiter 2 - Products, on the façade of UQAM’s Pavillon Président-Kennedy, explores consumerism and the amount of garbage we produce.

  • Chapiter 3 - Icebergs, on the walls of buildings beside Saint-Laurent metro station, looks at the impact of our daily choices on the melting of the polar ice caps.

  • Chapiter 4 - Telescopes, on the façade of the Grande Bibliothèque, illustrates our lack of interest in engaging in necessary conversations about climate change.

Visitors will be able to interact directly with the projections vocally, through movement or using light from their cellphones. All of the projections are accompanied by a soundtrack designed to enhance the experience.


A creation by Iregular in co-production with the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, with the financial support of the Canada Media Fund (CMF).

Presented in conjunction with the Festival du nouveau cinéma
October 14 to 30, 2021
Thursday through Saturday, 6:30 to 11:00 p.m.
On the façades of the Grande Bibliothèque, the Pavillon Président-Kennedy at UQAM, the Wilder Building and the buildings next to Saint-Laurent metro station.


A creation by Iregular
Creative director: Daniel Iregui
Producer: Marilyne Lacombe
Technical director: Louis-Philippe Kyer
Artistic director: Célia Genevois
Creative developers: Guillaume Turgeon, Victor Ivanov, Hugo St-Onge and Simon Demeule
Designer: Alice Sanz
Sound designer: Mourad Bennacer Industrial designers: Sebastien Dallaire and Jakob Lorenz
Writer: Mariam Assaf
Software developers: Hugo St-Onge and Guillaume Turgeon
Computer vision: Louis Bouchard and Bilal Khomri
Web developer: Nicolas Prud'homme
Executive producer: Eloi Beauchamp
Agent: Olivier Gagnon

A co-production of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
With the financial support of the Canada Media Fund (CMF)