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November 25, 2020 | 20 H

Canadian première / Exclusive broadcast for the 21st FMA

It is now 22 years that the group Triana d’Alger, a worthy representative of flamenco music in Algeria, has existed, led with flair by singer and guitarist Mehdi Bentayeb. Triana d’Alger takes its name from the famous Triana district in Seville, a mythical place that is home each year to the greatest of flamenco festivals. This name was inspired by Mehdi’s uncle, the famous Chico, founder of The Gipsy Kings and leader of the group Chico & The Gypsies.

It all began in 1993 with the emergence of a family group, created by brothers and cousins and chaperoned by Chico, who guided his nephews toward the path of flamenco music, a genre that soon proved highly popular among the Algerian public. Since then, Triana d’Alger has become a pioneer that opened Algerian music to world sounds and beats, a bold fusion offering an ingenious blend of Gipsy and Arab melodies. Though the group’s name urges us to travel from Seville to Algiers, Mehdi has led his group beyond these two mythical cities. Invited onto top international stages, the group has performed in Cuba, across the Maghreb and the Arab world, in Europe and even in Asia.

For this exclusive concert, filmed especially for the 21st edition of the FMA, the group has invited the great Algerian singer Nada Al Raihane to join in its Andalusian escapade. Whether in the haouzi, chaabi or khaliji styles, in patriotic songs or Algerian pop, Nada Al Raihane performs with breathtaking mastery of the various musical registers with her particular vocal timbre that elevates her to the rank of diva in Algiers. Prepare to be inundated with emotion in a succession of vocal feats and wild rhythms that focus on Algeria while opening up to the rest of the world!