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August 14, 2020 | 20 H

As part of Montréal Pride

Festival Fierté MTL Book

The big Illusion show, presented by TD, featuring the cream of the crop of Québec drag artists adored by our festivalgoers, is back in virtual mode on our partner channel: MAtv!

Hosted by the legendary Michel Dorion, featuring more than 20 drag artists including : Aizysse Baga, Amy Haze, Big Sissy, Bijuriya, Emma Déjavu, Gisèle Lullaby, Heaven Genderfuck, Kiara, LaDrag On-Fly, Luss Martin, Marla Deer, Matante Alex, Océane, Peach, Prudence, R.V Métal, Rock Bière, Sasha Baga, Suki Doll, Tracy Trash, Uma Gahd, Velma Jones et Zenith.

Get ready to experience royal entertainment!