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August 13, 2020 | 13 H

As part of Montréal Pride

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*The Brothers & Sisters Circle are meant to refer to the chosen family. We wish to specify that these events are inclusive of people who identify as non-binary, regardless of the spectrum of their identities.*

When we share with others who have common yet unique experiences, identities and intersectionalities, we connect deeply with ourselves. Participating collectively in a space where we can openly expose our feelings and share our vulnerabilities in safety and solidarity is often a necessity to contribute to individual and collective well-being, thereby promoting healing and contributing to the deconstruction of colonial structures.

Trans women, and non-binary, black, indigenous and racialized people experience realities that are unique to them and we want to provide a platform for these people to meet virtually and exchange in a closed circle.

This meeting will be facilitated by Vincent Mousseau.

No disrespect, discriminatory comments and/or any other form of violence will be tolerated.

In order to respect people who wish to remain anonymous, the invitation is by registration only. To this effect, you can send an email to specifying the closed circle(s) in which you wish to participate.