Messengers of hope

Messengers of hope

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June 20, 2020 to September 26, 2020

As part of MAPP_MTL

An initiative of MAPP_MTL

Essential workers who take risks for us every day, stationary communities behind their windows, people who don't know what tomorrow will be like ... we all need to hope.

Using a bike-projector, from mid-May MAPP_MTL will broadcast messages of hope on the walls of Montreal every weekend. Still or animated images, developed by visual artists, public figures or citizens, captured and then shared on Facebook and Instagram.

If we cannot leave our home, let out what is most beautiful in us: our imagination, our solidarity and our gratitude.

Powered by dreamlike heritage artisans, here is an invitation to dive into a world of collective imagination. When we open our eyes to what is possible to transform together, the power of imagination is infinite.

You are invited to create a message of hope. Register here to receive the participation guide:

Messages from international are welcome.