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Gallery Luz invites you to its next exhibition which will be held from February 12- 29.
Opening: Saturday February 15, from 2-5 pm

Amer presents « Earth », an exhibition of oxidised artworks on steel. Inspired by the organic patterns and mouvements generated by the oxidation process, the artist recreates shapes found naturally on our planet on the human scale or as seen from space. Trees, plants, minerals and water under its different forms (ice, sea & clouds) are his main sources of inspiration.

The body reveals itself inside out, reveals its battles and defeats, and its betrayals. Quietly, the body betrays itself; the glorious and confused body betrays itself, cells out of control taking over, moving destructively inside its host. The mind processes the chemicals and the treatments as best it can, looking up at the gods. But the gods are distracted and the universe is too vast. And this is a universe reflected inside the body that does not distinguish between the body and its foreign cells. Stardust into carbon, carbon made flesh and bone and blood. The work is about material expressing illness and confusion, expressing the body involved in a dance made of chemicals, of treatments, burnt flesh and cut skin. The illness and the individual become one entity. In its disarray the work is searching a sort of presence; a presence that speaks of life and survival suspended in time.

Almost 10 years ago, I was grief-stricken by the massacre of sled dogs in Whistler BC. To this day, the unforgettable images and facts about this tragedy still haunt me. In order to remember the inhumane slaughter of these dogs and puppies, my art was my only way to cope and to honour their unjustifiable fate at the mercy of one man using a rifle, a knife and plastic bags. This installation/exhibit named “Dogs in Whistler” is dedicated to these dogs and will take place at Gallery Luz in Montreal.

Quartier des spectacles Montreal, Quebec