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April 20, 2019 to April 27, 2019

Free Fall is Dana Gingras’s new creation for an immersive dome theatre and virtual reality. The immersive film presented in the Satosphère is a physical experience of vertigo and transcendence, produced by the circular motion of falling bodies subject to gravity. This force flows in us, through us and around us. The immersive experience seeks to stimulate the viewer’s senses in unexpected ways, causing surprisingly visceral and psychological sensations that give rise to a feeling of abandonment and movement through a vortex of interstitial space.

Free Fall offers a temporary escape while reminding us that the pull of the earth and our finality are inescapable. It evokes curiosity and a sense of freedom by blurring the lines between human forms and their movement, and by disrupting our usual understanding of space and how our senses engage within it.