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April 2, 2020 to April 25, 2020


Synergie is inspired by the concept of the neighborhood as a territory – a place shared among a group of people, a place where we feel we belong. This architectural projection, an animated version of a photographic work, depicts different kinds of energy. Together, these energies embody the unique dynamism and atmosphere of the Plateau-Mont-Royal* neighborhood. Residents’ everyday activities are represented by independent animated circles that separate and interconnect in a mesmerizing dance.


  • From April 2 to 25th
  • Outside Saint-Laurent metro station
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from nightfall to 10 p.m.

Created by Patrick Dionne and Miki Gingras

Patrick Dionne and Miki Gingras have been creating photographic works together since 1999. Their art is inspired by, and documents, social conditions. They also design public art and works for integration into architecture. They have exhibited their work in Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Patrick and Miki live and work in Montreal.

An animated version of the photographic mural Synergie, can be seen at its permanent location, at the southeast corner of Marquette St. and Mont-Royal Avenue, in the borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal.

Presented by the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership