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Jean Pouchelon is a Montreal jazz guitarist. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Universitité de Montréal and
has been working with the Gnawa of Morocco for about fifteen years. In his master's degree (2001), he became interested in repertoire and identity among the Gnawa of Fez and Essaouira.

From 2003, he began to learn instruments and dances within the Parisian diaspora. He currently plays in several troupes in Paris and Montreal. As part of his doctoral work * (2015), he led, mainly in Marrakech, research on the relationship between dance, trance, poetry and music as they evolve over the ritual of possession of Gnawa, from the dances of the musicians to those of the "transeurs".
His thesis states that the Gnawa are masters of ambiguity in that they build bridges between notions perceived as contrary, ambivalent in Moroccan society (black / white, sky / earth, woman / man, local / foreign etc.). At the same time, Jean Pouchelon is interested in Jazz and in particular in the modeling of rhythmic and contrametric processes such as those found in the pianist Erroll Garner (2013) on which he began to work as part of his DEA (2003).

Quartier des spectacles Montreal, Quebec