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October 28, 2017 to December 9, 2017

CriticisMe: Inside-Out (Version française) accumulates eclectic, if not ill-assorted pieces. First, a scale model blends the aesthetics of a “traditional art gallery” with that of a haunted house inspired by scary rides [WoMansion]. Then, in a consultation tent, the artist invites the public to discuss the genesis of their identities, as she personifies a character half-therapist and half-fortune teller of Bonaventure [PsHyenalyz]. Finally, in an art studio simulating a canteen, the artist presents multidisciplinary works, referring to an “in-between imagery” [Sweet Fuck All Factory]. The playful atmosphere of this installation is reminiscent of fun fairs and theme parks that are “cultural vortices” to open “dynamic territories where dualistic concepts can cohabit without being neutralized.”

In this exhibition, MPier superimposes elements from popular culture, including (animation) cinema, comics, role playing and video games. These elements are arranged with theoretical notions coming from scholarly learned culture (biology, philosophy, psychoanalysis, linguistics, etc.). The artist’s speech also focuses on cultural studies, gender studies, feminist studies and the sociology of art.