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Under a flurry of millions of white feathers, acrobat angels bring the rich programming of We’re Acting Out! to a close in breathtaking beauty. Look upward and let yourself be carried away by the astonishing magic of this heartwarming aerial ballet.

In the soft twilight, suspended from invisible ropes, acrobat angels float in the sky above us. Suddenly, in a burst of energy, defying gravity, they release a cascade of white feathers, shooting earthward to join us on the Parterre des artistes in a joyous and magical ambiance. Don’t miss this timeless show that has been hailed wherever it goes, from Madrid to Kiev to Buenos Aires. A veritable balm for the soul, it will leave you with cherished memories.

After the shows, take advantage of these last evenings of We’re Acting Out! to dance to the tunes spun by DJ.

GRATTE CIEL is a French company that creates and develops aerial shows. It adapts its productions to the space it is given. Climbers, dancers and circus artists all come together to appropriate the urban architecture as the backdrop for its majestic aerial artistry.

Quartier des spectacles Montreal, Quebec