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Kon-Fusion is a project that started in 2012 as a musical creative workshop for three people of Chilean origin, two of whom are current members of the ensemble. Since 2014, this project has taken shape by assuming its style and incorporating other musicians. The richness of this group lies in the variation of styles and influences while keeping its solid and unique personality. Varied with indigenous and western rhythms and mixing instruments from South America with more common ones, Kon-Fusion moves us in the footsteps of cumbia, reggae, ska, funk, rumba and rock, all in its own way! The lyrics, mostly in Spanish, put us in a perspective of the open-minded and critical world. Accompanying the uninhibited and rebellious personality of this group is a music that is thought out, elaborated and executed in such a way as to give maximum quality to the audience's experience listening to it.

The participation of the group in the 13th edition of Syli D'Or of the Nuits d'Afrique festival and the Bronze Syli award allowed this musical ensemble to reach a wider audience, which resulted in the group being presented in at least 5 Quebec festivals in Montreal, Brossard, Alma, Grenville-Sur-La-Rouge and Mille-Iles and will visit for the first time Sherbrooke and Sainte Hyacinthe in shows that will be memorable!

The integrants are Luciano Toro (Chile), Pablo Morales (Chile), Alex Marchand (Quebec), Nicolas Lafortune (Quebec), Gabriel Roy (Quebec), Sam Hampell (Quebec).

Quartier des spectacles Montreal, Quebec