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May 23, 2014 | 19 H

Touch My Stereotype (Toronto)
Touch My Stereotype (TMS) is an ever-evolving group of funny folk who produce quick-witted comedy for the short-attention spanned. That’s sketches, musical surprises, videos and more!

Holy geeze.

We’re like a really stacked sandwich, man.

That’s So Whatever (Toronto)
We’re a well-adjusted group of dumbs from Toronto who do sketch at your face. Use us for high school talks, WE PROMISE WE WON’T DO BAD THINGS! We are: John Richardson (cowgirl) Guy Bradford (has bones) ‘Not a pirate’ Marshall Lorenzo (no bones), garbage monster Ted Hambly (The Garbage), closet American John Amir (Connie Chung hates him), & closet ghost Kristie Gunter (RIP). Bones!

Bridge and Tunnel (NY)
Bridge & Tunnel is a New York City-based sketch group. Performing together since 2012, Bridge & Tunnel hosts a monthly weekend show at the People’s Improv Theater. They’ve recently appeared at the New York City Sketch Festival, Jersey City Comedy Festival, and Upright Citizens Brigade.

Our members include contributors to The Onion, SNL’s Weekend Update, The Huffington Post, Mad Magazine, and Someecards.

Fast-paced and silly, Bridge & Tunnel bases sketches on real relationships and then heightens them to the absurd.

The troupe features Kristen Bartlett, Christiane Egbert, Shira Danan, Mike Finazzo, Will Gallagher, Jason Gore, Zach Goldbaum, Michael Romanos, and Nathan Wagner.

Fuct (NY)
FUCT is a twisted, no-rules comedy troupe that challenges what audiences find taboo or offensive. Their mission statement is simple: “We do what we think is funny.” Our culture has become too politically correct, so FUCT approaches dangerous subjects with a sense of humor and serious theatrical intent, while strapping themselves to a boulder and begging the audience to lash out at them as they will. . . both literally and figuratively. They are, in many ways, a circus of comedy, suffering, and social commentary, incorporating music and dance, nudity and pain, misdirection and audience participation. A show that always asks. . . are you ready to get FUCT?