Just what are those concrete structures north of Place des Arts?

November 26, 2010

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The structures, installed a few weeks ago along the Promenade des Artistes -- the long pedestrian connection north of Place des Arts that links the Place des Festivals and the Parterre -- are called "event showcases". They'll be able to house temporary art installations, or become service or sales kiosks during major events.


Architecture | Daoust Lestage
We've even added a little element of fun to the structures: each of the event showcases have an artistic code you can decipher. Showcase 0 holds the key that will let you decode the secret word on the others.
Architecture | Daoust Lestage
Here's a hint, while we're at it: don't forget to bring along your digital camera to help you break the code. You can snap a picture of the key and consult it as you walk around to the different showcases, just so you don't have to walk back and forth to Showcase 0 to keep looking at the original. Your feet will thank you ;-)