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Montreal, May 27, 2024 - The Quartier des spectacles Partnership, QDSinternational and La Samoa, an urban and creative hub based in Île de Nantes, France, are launching a new collaboration aimed at strengthening ties between Montreal and Nantes in the creative and cultural industries. The initiative is part of a very active series of international exchanges and cooperative initiatives between two regions in recent years, aimed at improving public spaces through innovation and culture.

During a joint mission from May 27 to 31 this year, a high-profile delegation from Nantes will visit Montreal for discussions, inspiration and the formation of new partnerships. During the visit, the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, QDSinternational and La SAMOA, all of which are working on the dynamic enhancement of public spaces through innovation and the creative and cultural industries, will sign a partnership agreement aimed at:

  1. Initiating and facilitating bilateral exchanges leading to the presentation of new experiences in public spaces, for the purpose of facilitating access to culture and promoting physical activity, healthy lifestyles and overall health ;
  2. Encouraging the two districts to exchange and share existing installations and public art by creators from Montreal and Nantes ;
  3. Developing a cooperative project with the goal of creating one or more original installations for public space that could be part of an international touring strategy after initial exhibition in Montreal and Nantes.

This collaboration stems from a desire to contribute to the prosperity and international reputation of both cities’ creative and cultural sectors.

The initiative is envisioned as a long-term collaboration that will enhance the status and influence of both cities as major cultural centres. The resulting shared efforts will help mobilize both cities’ cultural and creative ecosystems, establish ongoing dialogue, and generate economic benefits, international exposure and the development of new entrepreneurial learning approaches based on a collaborative and comparative approach.

About the Quartier des spectacles and the Quartier des spectacles Partnership.

The Quartier des Spectacles is Montréal’s cultural heart, boasting North America’s most concentrated and diverse group of cultural venues as well as numerous festivals and events. The Quartier also hosts innovative urban installations involving cutting-edge lighting design and immersive environments. The Quartier des Spectacles has become an international showcase for digital public art.

The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, founded in 2003, is a non-profit organization with more than 85 members active in the district. It is responsible for animating the Quartier des Spectacles by programming cultural activities, managing and animating public spaces, providing distinctive illumination and promoting the Quartier as a must-visit cultural destination. The Partnership benefits from the support of the Ville de Montréal.

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About the Quartier des spectacles international

QDSinternational is a not-for-profit organization, affiliated to the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership that produces and distributes participatory installations for public spaces in collaboration with creative partners, co-producers and exhibitors around the world.

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About La Samoa, urban creative hub

Created in 2003, La Samoa is a société publique locale (local public corporation) with a twofold mission: it has urban planning responsibilities for the Île de Nantes cultural district, and it stimulates economic development in the cultural and creative industries. The organization’s status gives it flexibility and scope for originality, allowing it to experiment with new ways of creating and using urban spaces in the district.

La Samoa contributes to the development of the city’s cultural and creative industries through delegated public services. Its dedicated team activates and connects the different components of the ecosystem, providing a full range of support and guidance services for project leaders and entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural industries, at each stage of project development.

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About Île de Nantes : une île de la création au cœur de Nantes

A rapidly changing 337-hectare island in the heart of the city of Nantes, Île de Nantes is a true living laboratory and one of Europe’s most original and iconic urban renewal projects. Creativity is ubiquitous, to the point that it has become a state of mind. This dynamic pervades the entire island, making it a place fully dedicated to innovation and creativity. Historically located at the western end of the island, the creative district has kept growing and extending its boundaries with the founding of numerous higher-education institutions, companies, start-ups, cultural activities and, in 2020, Les Halles, a hub for the district’s creative and cultural industries. Today, these areas of activity provide direct employment for more than 1,000 people.

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