The partnership’s export initiative receives support from canadian heritage

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Montreal, April 15, 2019 – The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership is pleased to announce the participation of Canadian Heritage in supporting its export initiative for the Partnership’s public art installations for public spaces. The recipients of support from the Creative Export Canada program were announced today at the Moment Factory studio with Canadian Heritage minister the Hon. Pablo Rodriguez present.

The support of Canadian Heritage, in the form of financial support over two years, will allow the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership to accelerate its development of export activities, form new partnerships and provide more sustained support for Canadian creative work on the international stage. It will create opportunities for audiences around the world to discover innovative Canadian creations.


Works produced by the Partnership for the Quartier’s public spaces have attracted attention from dozens of cities around the world. As well as extending the works’ life, the export of these installations gives their creators wide exposure and contributes to the international reputation of Montreal, UNESCO City of Design.

In concrete terms, this means the Partnership will be able to launch more commercial missions in collaboration with creative companies and bolster its international promotional activities. The Partnership will be able to devote more resources to working with artists for the presentation and exhibition of public art in new markets. The funding will also support the formation of international partnerships for the purpose of co-producing innovative, freely accessible outdoor installations for the domestic and international markets. Lastly, the support will make it possible to invite international delegations to Montreal to introduce them to the city’s artists, creative companies and installations.

“When we launched the export program in late 2016, we set a goal of showing works in five cities within the first year. In actuality, we sent works to 35 cities in just over two years. The Partnership has become an ambassador for the creativity of Montreal, Quebec and Canada, and a vehicle for local creators. Among other things, the generous support of Canadian Heritage will allow us to create new business opportunities and provide more support to creative companies,” said Jacques Primeau, chair of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership’s board of directors.

The support of Canadian Heritage gives the Partnership new means to deepen its collaborations with local creators and help them shine internationally. It promotes the development of better practices in the design of public art projects suitable for international touring and in export management activities. For creative companies and others in the cultural sector, open markets pave the way for the emergence of a viable business model with positive structural impacts.


Since 2016, nine works have been presented in 35 cities around the world in conjunction with a variety of festivals and cultural events, for a total of 75 export operations. Everywhere they have been exhibited, the installations have been lauded for their originality and their ability to attract interest from a diverse audience, thanks especially to their participatory nature and universal, inclusive themes. They have been seen by millions of people in North America, Europe and Asia.

The works are always warmly welcomed by audiences in the host cities, becoming meeting places and giving cities opportunities for residents to forge closer ties. They are also, in many cases, starting points for productive collaborations, such as current initiatives with Lugano, Chicago and New York.

View the list of works available for export and a map of cities visited to date



The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, founded in 2003, is a non-profit organization with more than 80 members active in the district. It is responsible for animating the Quartier des Spectacles by programming cultural activities, managing and animating public spaces, providing distinctive illumination, and promoting the Quartier as a must-visit cultural destination. The Partnership is supported by the Ville de Montréal.

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