La Serre Arts Vivants

La Serre Arts Vivants

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Because we believe that art is essential to bind the individual to his community, LA SERRE - art vivants is a creation platform that facilitates fruitful encounters and provides emerging artists with an environment that is conducive to the creation and dissemination of meaningful work. LA SERRE is a structuring incubator for the improvement of the conditions under which emerging artists carry out their work in live arts. It accompanies them in the expansion of their work, from the creation process to encounters with the public. It helps artists develop their autonomy, organizational maturity and artistic independence. LA SERRE acts as an activator of collaborations between artists and local, national and international partners, as well as artists from various artistic disciplines and other areas. Artistically, LASERRE favors projects that establish evocative links between art and society, and facilitate connections between different disciplinary fields and sectors. The mandate of LA SERRE comprises three axes of activities: - Artists: support for projects in delegate production and punctual support. - Events: creation and production of events dedicated to emerging projects. - Ateliers: research spaces and collaborations for the community, development of artistic practices.