La Castiglione

La Castiglione

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Founded in 2014, La Castiglione Gallery is based in Montreal and specializes in contemporary photography. La Castiglione hosts approximately six exhibitions per year and represents both emerging and established artists with practices based locally as well as internationally; many of whom are present in museum and institutional collections.

La Castiglione offers distinctive photographs that possess the influential capacity to encourage further contemplation of the world that surrounds us.

These art works speak to all audiences; from corporate collections and experienced collectors to those who are embarking upon their first photographic purchase.

In the international market there has been, for the last decades, a significant interest in investing in photography; La Castiglione is surely developing an authority in the sale of contemporary photography in Montreal.


Virginia Oldoini, renown as the Countess of Castiglione, was born in Italy to an aristocratic Genoese family. A woman of the avant-garde and at the heart of several scandals, she is a leading icon for photography in it’s earliest stages. In Paris 1856, the Countess took her first poses in the Mayer and Pierson brothers’ studio, initiating a longstanding collaborative friendship that lasted up to forty years. Thanks to her monetary provenance and notoriety, she became one of photography’s first historical models, contributing over 450 portraits.