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Artexte is committed to the understanding and the advancement of the visual arts through reliable information sources. Its primary goal is the study and the development of material that documents the field of contemporary art.

Artexte engages in research, interpretation and dissemination activities based on its unique collection, covering the visual arts from 1965 to the present, with emphasis on the art of Québec and Canada.

Artexte endeavours to achieve the following objectives: to support the experimental, innovative and critical nature of contemporary visual art; and to foster it in a multidisciplinary discourse through alliances and partnerships.

Opening hours:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 12 – 5 PM (and by appointment)
Saturday: 12 – 5 PM

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 12 – 5 PM
Saturday: 12 – 5 PM

Tuesday to Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM