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Art souterrain | Chronométrie

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February 20, 2021 to March 14, 2021

Due to government recommendations, the Festival Art Souterrain is changing its course. The exhibition remains available until March 22nd at the Complexe Guy-Favreau, the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, the Jacques Parizeau Building and the World Trade Centre in Montreal.

However, the planned activities, guided tours, mediations, round tables and meetings with artists, are cancelled.

Created 11 years ago, the Art Souterrain Festival invests more than 6 km underground and 7 satellite sites for 3 weeks exhibiting works of contemporary art. A hundred local and international artists are represented for the occasion around a social and topical theme. Accessible at all times and free of charge, the Festival is one of the major events of the winter season that enlivens the lives of thousands of people and offers them mediation activities and artistic discoveries. The 2020 Festival will run from February 29 to March 22.

And if you could push a button and erase everything, what would you do with this new blank page? If you were offered to start from scratch, how would you imagine the world? Humanity is at a turning point. Should we persist in our habits or become aware of repetitive patterns to start on a new basis? Upsetting one's routine and changing one's habits can lead to intense moments of insecurity. This can lead to painful questioning or even loss of bearings. The climatic, economic and political upheavals are at the heart of our news. Individually and collectively, if he wants to survive, the human being will soon have to change his relationship to the world, but also his interpersonal relationships. Is Manichaeism the only solution? Should we think only in terms of utopia and dystopia in order to find paths that have never been marked?