Patti Schmidt

Patti has been heavily involved in underground and avant-garde music and arts communities for more than 25 years. Best known for her 17-year tenure at CBC Radio’s Brave New Waves, a national, nightly, new music program specialized in music and culture from the fringes and the future, she has also hosted various other arts programs for public radio. She has contributed narration to several documentary films, as well as writing for film development projects. In 2016 she was the Artistic Director and lead faculty of Convergence: Electronic Music + Visual Arts, a residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Since 2008, she has worked as a curator, editor and producer for the MUTEK festival of electronic music and digital creativity, based in Montréal


Jean-François is the Director of the Interactive team at Moment Factory. He guides developers and designers in creating reactive multimedia elements that visitors can engage with in real time through movement, touch, sight, and sound. Jean-François came to Moment Factory from a career in User Interface Design, in which he produced award-winning work for La Presse+ and Radio-Canada. With expertise managing both code and design work, Jean-François emphasizes user experience in all of his projects, including the Exelon real-time generative art mural and experimental interactive experiences for Sony Lab. His augmented reality features come alive as people interact with them, inspiring wonder and delight.


Pascale Daigle is working in the field of arts and culture for more than 20 years. Having started out as a consultant, she is currently the director of programming for the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, responsible for the planning, design and implementation of projects and cultural activities, often interactive and designed for public places in the district. At the occasion of the 375th anniversary of Montreal, she created a temporary circuit of public art: KM3.


Thien Vu Dang has been active on the digital arts scene since 2001. His creative path had taking him to the Society for Art and Technologies (SAT) and later to Moment Factory. He co-founded the SAT_MIX-SESSIONS, the Minutes, Minutes Mapping and in 2016, MAPP_MTL- the International Mapping Festival held annually in Montreal. Building communities toward the development of new practices in digital art has been at the heart of his work.