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The winning team of the international multidisciplinary landscape architecture competition for the development of a new park, namely lot 066 and its surroundings, located north of the Place des Festivals has been unveiled. The team is made up of Mario Nájera + Raquel Peñalosa + Diana Elizalde + WAA Montreal, in collaboration with Vinci Consultants, BES, Pageau Morel, Atomic3 and Les Ateliers Ublo. The jury selected its concept from among four finalists.

Redesign of lot n°066 in the Quartier des spectacles


A signature project for the city center

The jury, composed of seven members, selected the concept of Mario Nájera + Raquel Peñalosa + Diana Elizalde + WAA Montreal , in collaboration with Vinci Consultants, BES, Pageau Morel, Atomic3 and Les Ateliers Ublo, because of its strong identity and contemporary writing. The chosen concept offers a surprising pedestrian walkway that overlooks an abundant urban forest. This bridge will have an educational, inclusive and participatory character. This strong signature, which will offer places of relaxation, gathering and activities, while, during the day, young people will find a slide that will allow them to have fun, while in the evening, the footbridge will light up to create a unique atmosphere. An urban forest with a dense plantation of native species, based on the Miyawaki method, will provide a more diverse canopy. Biodiversity will also be 20 times greater there using this method. Bioretention basins will capture runoff water, with the stated objective of ecological transition. Bleachers and a wide variety of uses as an alternative route to that of the footbridge.

“We believe that this public space on a human scale offers a judicious and sensitive cohabitation between the programmatic requirements of the Quartier des spectacles, and the imminent need to create an island of freshness in a very mineralized sector of the city center. The dramatic succession of spaces intertwined by a winding walkway crossing an indigenous urban forest quickly becomes an incredible spatial experience that offers users meeting places and a unique appropriation that will instill a sense of identity and belonging to all Montrealers ”added the winners.

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